All of our Animals have a story. Individually they are unique. Together they are a family.

The Feathered Friends

Turkey's and a variety of Chickens

The Furry and Fuzzy

Horses, Rabbits and Goats

The Retiree



17 year-old Quarter Horse and my Daughter's Best Friend. Loves to trail ride and be with his Fur Friends.


10 year-old Haflinger Pony, who was rescued from the Meat Auction. Goldie is learning to love people again. Best way to win her heart is with lots of scratches.


At 38 years old, Ellie-Mae is our most senior resident. She's just retired from a Petting Farm. But still LOVES lots of attention.

Lily, Buttercup & Petunia

Hands down our most comedic. These three yearlings are the friendliest, sweetest and silliest Goats I have ever met. They've been nicknamed the Lil' Butt Petoon. Or the female version of the Three Stooges.

The Bunnies

We currently have eight rabbits on the Farm. But not all of them are used for therapy. Five of these bunnies are Bunny companions for our kiddos. But Clover, Lolla and Thumper love to share cuddles.

The Feathered Flock

They may not be the fuzziest cuddle buddies, but the Chickens do enjoy a nice scratch and a good pet. Even just sitting and hanging out with the Flock can be fasinating. Watching their interactions and heirachy can open up a whole new understanding of a Bird Family.